The Apprentice School Foundation Announces 2018 Scholarship Program

The Apprentice School Foundation's Board of Directors announced that their Education and Scholarship Committee would begin accepting scholarship applications on July 1, 2018.  Four $500 scholarships are to be awarded in 2018.  Scholarships are available to candidates who have either started their apprenticeship in 2018 with The Apprentice School of Newport News Shipbuilding or have applied to The Apprentice School and will start their apprenticeship before January1, 2019. Applicants wishing to apply should visit the Foundation's website at .

Apprentice School Anounces Partnership with the Peninsula Community Foundation of Virginia:

The Apprentice School Foundation announced that they will partner with the Peninsula Community Foundation of Virginia to support its operations.  "One thing that is a challenge to new and small foundations is the infrastructure and staffing needed operate a non-profit.  The PCFV will provide back end support in awarding scholarships, making it easy for people to donate and respond to patrons.  It is just what we as a foundation need to assist us in our mission in the Hampton Roads Community."   Glen Davenport, President Teagle Insurance Agency, Inc.